Saturday, March 12, 2011


I bought the Jalie 2908 pattern and some stretch denim last July shortly after I decided to start sewing because of all the great reviews I saw on pattern review.  I then became intimidated by the idea of making any kind of pants because I figured that pants would have lots of fit issues.  I stumbled across the pattern in my stash while looking for something or other and decided it was time to just try.  The only thing I changed was to lengthen the pattern by about an inch.

Top stitching on inseam.
Pocket details.

When I make the pattern again I will probably add a little space to the waist band and the area right below the waist band since I apparently have the same measurement around from the widest part of my hips up to my belly button and if you define the waist as the smallest part around that is up by my ribs.  The waistband of these jeans are a tight fit but there is some weird pulling on the fly that I think would be resolved by a little more space in that area.  I like the jeans and they actually fit better than any pair I have owned since having my kids.  I better make more soon because I may end up wearing them everyday.


  1. these look fab! i love the back pocket stitch detail- well done you've done a fab job :)


  2. Wait, these are your first pair of pants? Gosh, they look amazing. You're giving me hope that I could sew pants, too!

  3. Thank you all! While it was a lot of steps, it turned out easier than I thought it would be (since I thought pants would be horrendously difficult to make), but maybe that is because stretch denim is forgiving of possible fit issues, or it could be that Jalie just has awesome directions. I am sure you could sew pants too!