Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two little pirates

I have been busy sewing even though I have not been blogging about it.  Over my spring break from my school my kids decided that they really like to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney in the mornings.  Seeing as the only dress up clothing we had was princess dresses and my son wanted to try dressing up too but can not get the dresses on himself, I decided that I wanted to make my kids pirate costumes.  I found a tutorial on Made for pirate vests.  (sorry I don't know how I could link to the blog or the tutorial).  The hats and the headband type thing I kinda winged.  My daughter let me measure her head circumference and I guessed on how to make the hats.  The kids like them but they can only really wear them sideways.  The costumes were made with felt and some quilting cotton fabric that I made bias tape from. These costumes have gotten a lot of use in the past few weeks.
Both costumes on the kitchen table.
My son modeling his costume.  He refuses to wear pants over his diaper when we are at home.
My daughter was very excited to wake up from her nap and find her costume made!