Saturday, January 8, 2011

1st Burda Magazine Pattern

I made my first pattern from a Burda Style Magazine.  It was the 116 skirt from the September 2010 issue.  I still find it amazing that a pattern page that looks so jumbled combined with a pile of fabric and a (very) little bit of clothing sewing knowledge can turn into something that can actually be worn.  
Picture of the before. Includes the magazine and the pattern page and the pile of fabric that I used to make the skirt.

I know I don't take the best pictures because usually I can not find the camera and just end up taking pictures with my phone.
Picture of the front of the skirt to see the details made by the interesting seaming.

Picture of the back vent.

Picture of the back vent opened to show the lining.

Picture of the zipper insertion.  This was my first invisible zipper that I have used and I was surprised to find out how easy it was to do.
A picture of the invisible zipper open.

The skirt inside out to show the lining. I know it is very creased and as hard as I tried I just could not get the creases to iron out!!! It was driving me nuts and is why this fabric was used for the lining instead of something else.

Picture of the fit from the front.  Please excuse the tank.  No this is not what I will wear it with but I was excited to take a picture of the skirt because I have been wanting to make a pencil skirt for a long time now and didn't want to have to find a shirt to style it with.

Picture of the fit from the side.
Picture of the fit from the back.  
I am sure that others may be able to find fit issues but over all I am pleased with how the skirt fit.  I am sure that I will be making more pencil skirts in the future.


  1. The fit is perfect - well done! I love the pink lining, and the seam detailing too. Great skirt!

  2. oooh i love the seam detailing on the front, and the hot pink lining is amazing!! welcome to sew-bloggy land and thank you for stopping by my corner!

  3. The seam details are great, the invisible zipper looks perfect and it fits you well! You made a nice skirt, congrats!

  4. the skirt is very elegant and beautiful, these cuts in front gives an glamourous touch. Have fun with your new blog and meet many people.

    Regards from Germany :o)

  5. Thank you for all of your compliments. No one that I know in person knows how to sew so it is nice to share with those that do sew.

  6. Wow, you are good. Love the look of your skirt and lining application. Thank you for following my blog!!!

  7. Welcome to blogland! That is a very ambitious project for a new sewer. Great results. I plan to make the dress soon.

  8. Very nice skirt! It fits you perfect!